Behind Empowermums

Meet Dr Missy Wolfman

Hi Mamas!

I’m a mum of twin girls and a Clinical Psychologist in Auckland, New Zealand.

I started EmpowerMums because I found adjusting to motherhood with two babies challenging. A series of accidents with one of my twin girls and subsequent medical care also added a lot of anxiety and stress. At my lowest point, I felt depleted and defeated by motherhood. I am very fortunate to have amazing support from family and friends but being a Clinical Psychologist also helps tremendously as I know a lot of strategies that helps me to refuel myself. Practising strategies such as Mindfulness, Gratitude and Self-Compassion have helped me to be the best version of myself, and to be more present for my kids and loved ones. Motherhood can still be hard, and parenting is hard work but I find more and more moments of joy every day.

The more open I was with other mothers around me the more I realise that many women are also struggling with different aspects of motherhood. It became my passion to share with other mothers the strategies and techniques I am currently using in my own life. This is how EmpowerMums began. My Mission is to help Mums move from surviving to thriving, and finding their own version of joy in motherhood.

Now here is the boring stuff about me!


·      PhD in Psychology (Victoria University of Wellington)

·      Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology (Victoria University of Wellington)

Professional Registration:

·      New Zealand Psychologist Board (Clinical Psychology Scope)

Clinical Experience:

I am currently working with children, adolescents and their parents in the public sector. Previously, I have worked in diverse settings including a psychology clinic at a university, a secure residential facility for at-risk youths, medium-to-high security prison, and adult community mental health.