Past Events


Mindfulness & More for Mums

Monday 23rd September

Highbury Community House 

This was a sold-out workshop held at the Highbury Community House. Collectively we raised $50 towards Bellyful. A charity that delivers home cooked meals for families with newborn babies or sick children. It was a privilege to spent the morning with amazing mamas and their bubs. Here are some feedback from mums that attended this event: 

"Informative, relatable and interactive. Welcoming with the right level and amount of content"- Penny Elliott

"Encouraging, relaxed, informative"

- Rebecca 

"Great refresher and anchor to reset own practice of mindfulness"

- Amanda 


Renewing Mum

Friday 27th September 2019

Plunket North Shore 

This was nearly a sold out event held at the Plunket North Shore Centre. Collectively we raised $70 towards Plunket. It was a fun, relaxed, and informative morning with mums and their babies. One of Empowermum's mission is to promote maternal mental health, and it's not a coincidence that we had two workshops running in New Zealand Mental Health Awareness Week. It was a privilege to be able raise awareness for maternal mental health by doing these workshops. Here are some feedback from mums that attended this event:

"Relaxed, informative, fantastic, much needed for mums" (Amy Willoughby)

"Very empowering! Definitely understand the name. I found it very beneficial and felt less stressed and more positive" (Nicole Franklin)

"Great, lots of easy to do practical tips of how you can incorporate mindfulness into day to day life" (Natasha)


Mindfulness and more for Mums

Wednesday 23rd October 

Highbury Community House

This was an intimate and lovely group of mamas and mamas-to-be. It was a privilege to be able to spend the evening sharing laughs, stories, tips and strategies for motherhood. Here are some feedback from mums that attended this event: 

"A great overview full of great examples and tips for mums at all stages of motherhood" - Jane Henderson 

"Intimate, informative and relaxed" - Kayla 

"Very informative in helping you to understand the states we function in, lots of easy practical tips" - Natasha 

"Relaxing" - Catharina


Mini Mum Retreat

Saturday 16th November 2019

Yoga Collective 

Two hours of bliss for well-deserved mamas. We had an hour of mindfulness workshop and an hour of yoga workshop led by Amanda Rayner (200 hr yoga teacher, personal trainer and mental health nurse). This was a well-attended event and collectively we raised $80 for Perinatal Anxiety Depression Aotearoa (PADA). Read the feedback:

"Very empowering, compassionate and understanding! I felt so relaxed and glad I had that time out, and floated around in green brain for the rest of the afternoon"  (Nicole)

"Perfect 2 hours of time to invest in myself and connect with my sister" (Katie Lancaster)

"A very wonderful and special experience that felt very safe and nurturing" (Cheryl Hunt)

"Relaxed, supportive space, useful practical strategies to take home" (Erin)

"Informative, self-reflecting and relaxing" (Elizabeth)

"A great combination of knowledge, that's easily implemented into day to day life, and relaxation. A great chance to exchange experiences and make me feel like I'm not the only one that feels like she's chasing her tail constantly, while loving her baby and family and work and life to bits. A nice break from normal day to day 'stuff'" (Lene)

"Beautiful wee space to connect and discover ways of bringing more intention to motherhood" (Cara McNaughton)

"Rewarding & informative" (Sian)

"A great couple of hours to look after me" (Tracy)