• Dr Missy Wolfman

How to be a Zen Mama

We celebrated Mother's Day on Sunday 10th of May in New Zealand. I thought - hey, why are we celebrating mothers in one measly day? Why not celebrate it for a whole month? After all, being a mother is the hardest job we have and it's time to prioritize our self-care and mental health. It has been extremely draining, depleting and exhausting for many mothers in the past months. Given the COVID-19 global pandemic and subsequent restrictions we have been asked to be everything and do everything for everyone. Empowermum's Mother's Month is all about putting the focus back on you - because you matter. As part of Empowermum's Mother's Month, I am interviewing inspiring and interviewing women all about motherhood - the good, the bad and the ugly.

In this episode, I talk to Greer Taffard. Greer is a mum to three children, and believes yoga practice is essential for nourishing and energizing herself. She is passionate about sharing these tools with other mums. Greer will be teaching the yoga and yoga nidra session of Empowermum's Mini Mum Retreat on Saturday 27th of June. We talked about how Greer managed parenting 3 kids under 5, and how she adapts her parenting to different children's needs and personalities. Greer and I shared some of our self-care habits including yoga, having time for ourselves in the morning, and what to do when we are having a hard day as mums. I would love to hear your thoughts! Please comment below, and like on Facebook at EmpowerMums for more tips and strategies on how to thrive in motherhood.

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