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How to "crush" it in motherhood, life and business

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

We celebrated Mother's Day on Sunday 10th of May in New Zealand. I thought - hey, why are we celebrating mothers in one measly day? Why not celebrate it for a whole month? After all, being a mother is the hardest job we have and it's time to prioritize our self-care and mental health. It has been extremely draining, depleting and exhausting for many mothers in the past months. Given the COVID-19 global pandemic and subsequent restrictions we have been asked to be everything and do everything for everyone. Empowermum's Mother's Month is all about putting the focus back on you - because you matter. As part of Empowermum's Mother's Month, I am interviewing inspiring and interviewing women all about motherhood - the good, the bad and the ugly.

In this episode, I talk to Penny Elliott - a mum, a business coach and founder of pennyelliott.com, author and a tri-athlete. Penny is my good friend who was one of the first person I talked to when I had the idea of starting Empowermums. She has always been supportive and empowering of all mums, and I love her energy and positivity.

Penny and I talk about what people don't often like to share - the grief of bein a mum. When you become a mum, you gain a baby (or babies) but there is a sense of loss as well. The loss of your old life, freedom, and identity. Everyone adapt to this differently but I think it's important to talk about it because often mums feel shame and guilt for missing their pre-baby life.

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You can find Penny at https://www.pennyelliott.com/ or Instagram & Facebook @PennyElliott

Warning: Some adult language in this video

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