Cherry Blossoms

Feedback about Empowermums workshops


"Informative, relatable and interactive. Welcoming with the right level and amount of content"

Penny Elliott (Mon 23rd September 2019)

"Encouraging, relaxed, informative"

Rebecca (Monday 23rd September 2019)

"Great refresher and anchor to reset own practice of mindfulness"

Amanda (Monday 23rd September 2019)

"Very empowering! Definitely understand the name. I found it very beneficial and felt less stressed and more positive. I loved the mindfulness exercises, and how they can fit into everyday life"

Nicole Franklin (Friday 27th September 2019)

"Relaxed, informative, fantastic, much needed for mums"

Amy Willoughby (Friday 27th September 2019)

"Great, informative - helped me gain an understanding of triggers and tips to get back to green (brain state)"

Pip (Friday 27th September 2019)

"Great,  lots of easy to do practical tips of how you can incorporate mindfulness into day to day life"

Natasha (Friday 27th September 2019)

"A great overview full of great examples and tips for mums at all stages of motherhood"

Jane Henderson (Wednesday 23rd October 2019)

"Intimate, informative and relaxed"

Kayla (Wednesday 23rd October)

"Very informative in helping you to understand the states we function in - lots of easy practical tips"

Natasha (Wednesday 23rd October 2019)


Feedback about Mini Mum Retreat


"Very empowering, compassionate and understanding! I felt so relaxed and glad I had that time out, and floated around in green brain for the rest of the afternoon"